BTS’s Jin Just Doesn’t Know How To Lie—And It Cost Him The Game

His face was as red as a tomato!

Jin just can’t catch a break! Episode 128 of Run BTS! had the members playing a variety of games for their “Hello 2021” special. The very first thing they did was the liar game where everyone chose a random piece of paper. Only one person received a blank paper that didn’t have the keyword, and so the task of the others was to guess who that person was.

Jimin checking his paper | Run BTS!/Weverse

When BTS found out that the first keyword was related to food, Jin confidently said, “I think I can answer that without looking at the paper.” His bad luck began there!

They started by saying aloud the features of the chosen word, kimchi pancake. Jimin confidently said that it’s simple, RM shared that it should be eaten while warm, and Jungkook asserted that it’s red.

Jin, however, could only say, “People don’t get too divided over their love or hate for this food.”

Once he said his vague answer, everyone’s suspicions focused on him. He frantically reminded the others that his face naturally gets red when people stare at him—not because he’s the liar of the game.

The five members began targeting him, asking Jin to expound on his choice. Jungkook, for example, wondered if the older member often enjoys the dish. He disagreed, but unfortunately for him, the maknae remembered a recent time when he ate kimchi pancake!

Of course, Jin was revealed to be the liar at the end of the round! When the others point-blank asked him what the keyword was, he said ramyeon instead of kimchi pancake.

Jin may not be the best liar, but he did his best for the show! Check out the full episode below.