Actor Lee Won Geun Reveals What BTS’s Jin Was Like In College

He dropped a surprising detail about Jin!

Actor Lee Won Geun guest starred on Happy Together 4, where he revealed that he’s been friends with BTS‘s Jin since college.

“We were classmates in college. We both majored Film and Acting at Konkuk University.”

— Lee Won Geun


Lee Won Geun and Jin have a lot of memories together, but Lee Won Geun revealed a shocking detail about their life in college!

Jin and he may be slim but they used to eat servings fit for 12 together!

“I have a lot of memories with [Jin]. We both naturally slim but we eat a lot.

We once at at a barbecue restaurant – and we ate without a care – but we ended up eating 12 servings of meat, 7 bowls of rice, and 2 bowls of naengmyun (cold noodles).”

— Lee Won Geun


He explained that Jin and he both love to eat, so in a blink of an eye, their portions grew from 1 to over 12!

“We only intended to eat a little bit, but it was so delicious, so we kept on eating. As we were talking, we’d get hungrier, so we ate more.”

— Lee Won Geun


Jun Hyun Moo had to ask… Does Jin ever get fat even if he eats so much? Lee Won Geun confirmed, yes!

“Yes, of course. We get tummy fat.”

— Lee Won Geun


Unfortunately, Lee Won Geun and Jin have lost contact because of BTS’s hectic schedules, but Lee Won Geun has so much pride and respect for his college friend.

“We don’t contact each other often anymore. BTS achieved fame on a global level, so I’m amazed and respect him very much.”

— Lee Won Geun


Once Jin finally gets time to rest, the two brothers will surely find time to rekindle their adorable friendship!


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