Lee Young Ji Confirms BTS’s Jin As Her Next “My Alcohol Diary” Guest, And Jin’s Spoilers Prove It Will Be Truly Iconic

We are ready for the chaos that might ensue!

If you were to put two of the funniest and most chaotic people in K-Pop together, it would almost be impossible to choose just one. Well, it seems like netizens might have a new favorite duo in the former of BTS‘s Jin and Lee Young Ji.

BTS’s Jin | @Jin/Instagram
Rapper and variety star Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Once upon a time, it almost seemed like a taboo in K-Pop to talk about drinking and alcohol, never mind idols actually showcasing themselves drinking.

One person who has seemingly helped that culture is Lee Young Ji. During the past few months, she has allowed idols to feel comfortable while drinking on her series My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare). Her hilarious charisma has become the talk of the internet.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong on the show with Lee Young Ji | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube
MONSTA X’s Hyungwon on the show with Lee Young Ji | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 

Jin is also no stranger to making people laugh with his charms.


Obviously, the combination of Jin and Lee Young Ji would be perfect, and it seems like people’s dreams are coming true.

Recently, netizens speculated that the BTS member could be the final guest on Lee Young Ji’s show. On October 7, Lee Young Ji finally spilled the real gossip when she got to announce the news on her Instagram officially.

Yes, he is coming on the show. Yes, he will be appearing. I wanted to say something so badly I could have died. Stop DMing me. Yes, he is coming. It’s very true, he is appearing.

— Lee Young Ji

A fan then shared the post on Weverse, and Jin just so happened to see it. As expected, the idol had the funniest reaction, adding, “Don’t die.”

| Weverse

Of course, excitement about the news was sky-high, and one ARMY had the most relatable reaction on Weverse.

Ah, you’re coming on ‘No prepare’ kekeke. I’m on break during that time, I should watch while copying what Seokjin drinks kekeke, so let us know what to prepare~ please!!!!


| Weverse

It seems like ARMYs should prepare for true hilariousness as Jin revealed that the alcohol tolerance between the two of them was so intense… with Jin even warning fans not to copy them.

The speed that Lee Youngji-nim and I drink at is fast, so please dont copy us…

— Jin

| Weverse

If those spoilers weren’t enough to get you excited, the new trailer from the upcoming episode definitely should. As expected, from the very beginning of the trailer, it is truly chaotic, with both Jin and Lee Young Ji showcasing just how funny they are.

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 
| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

There was even some dancing to Jin’s viral track “Super Tuna.”

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

Although the teasers have excited fans, October 20 seems too far away. Of course, even the spoilers prove that it will be worth the wait, and Jin and Lee Young Ji might be everyone’s newest favorite duo.

You can read more about the initial rumors below.

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Source: 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만
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