BTS’s Jin Literally Puts ARMY First—Even Before His Family And Friends

He loves ARMY so much!

BTS‘s Jin loves ARMY arguably more than anyone.

BTS's Jin
BTS’s Jin

Jin finally returned after being discharged from his mandatory military service, and he was interviewed by Weverse Magazine. The interview opened by highlighting his BTS FESTA celebrations with ARMY, as he kept his promise to his fans.

True to his word that he gave on the 10th anniversary of his debut, the very first thing Jin did upon being discharged from the military was hop on weverse LIVE to talk with ARMY. He then greeted them in person the very next day at BTS FESTA, the event celebrating 11 years since the group’s debut. Jin pushed back any and all post-service plans except for those involving ARMY, working day and night for eight days straight minus a single day off to rest up. Still, he smiled sincerely as he made it clear that there was nothing burdensome about working those long hours to show his fans how much they mean to him. But it’s just something I do, you know? That’s what being a superstar is all about.’

— Weverse Magazine


Interviewer Oh Minji recognized that Jin held the event shortly after his discharge. It was no big deal for Jin, who was eager to meet with the ARMYs again.


Oh Minji: You did all that and BTS FESTA the day after you were discharged, and it’s only been eight days?

Jin: That’s how I do it. You don’t stop breathing just because the air’s bad. (laughs) I figured, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it’s not under the best circumstances.

Jin explained he did it all out of love. Although it was hard, he wanted to keep his promise to ARMYs.


Oh Minji: You said BTS FESTA was one of those things you would never sit out on. You must’ve had to keep practicing when you had leave from the army, during break times when you were there, and even right after you were discharged. That must’ve been tough.

Jin: It was a lot of pressure, and yes, tough. It was hard, seeing as I wasn’t able to practice in the outside world with enough time to do it. I just did it out of love. (laughs)

Oh Minji recognized how much Jin truly loves ARMY, commenting, “That’s true love right there.” Jin explained that nothing could make him leave ARMY.


Oh Minji: It reminds me of something you wrote in the letter marking the 10th anniversary of your debut: “Ten years is enough to move rivers and mountains, as the saying goes, but the love between BTS and ARMY never changes, and that’s just amazing.”

Jin: Even if ARMY were to leave us in the distant future, we could never leave ARMY. Like I said before, being with ARMY is like being home. They make us feel so secure. I want to tell them I’ll always try my best and ask them to please stay by our side for a long time. I also want to thank them for waiting for us.

Even when Oh Minji asked Jin, “How did you manage to keep pushing yourself to do your best every single day for 11 years straight?,” he answered “ARMY.” Everything is for them.

Because BTS loves ARMY so much. It just makes sense that you’d do your best for the people you love, right? Think about how you feel when you really like somebody: You absolutely give it your all for them. And it’s the same in our case. Doesn’t that just make sense?

— Jin


Oh Minji responded, “It should be, but that’s not always the case. Even if you love someone and try your best for them, other things can end up taking priority.” Jin revealed that he postponed all other plans following his discharge, including those of friends and family, for ARMY. Rest could wait until after.

When I left the army, I postponed everything so I could meet the fans. I told my family and friends ahead of time, ‘I need to see ARMY, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask about throwing any parties for my discharge until after this week.’ People told me, ‘You just got out—you should take a break. Let’s meet up.’ I got out on Wednesday and didn’t make one plan until after Sunday. All that other stuff could wait. Seeing my fans is my top priority—I have to show my gratitude before I do anything else, I think. No question about it. It’s always been that way, so now it’s what everybody’s come to expect. ARMY supports me, and they really make me happy. They’re incredibly important to me, so it just makes sense that I’d think to put my time with them first.

— Jin


Naturally, ARMYs were emotional reading Jin’s words, realizing he loves them as much, if not more than they love him.

We don’t deserve Jin!

Source: Weverse


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