BTS’s Jin Hilariously Confesses That He Really Regrets His Airport Fashion Choice

He’s regretting it so much!

BTS arrived at the airport to jet off to Saudia Arabia for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert, and (as always), the press and fans were all focused on their airport fashion of choice!


Jin arrived looking dandy as ever in a bright blue, striped shirt, with navy pants, hat and bag to match!


Fans were dying over his stunning visuals as usual but…


… Jin was apparently NOT satisfied with his outfit!


Soon after he was photographed at the airport, Jin went on WeVerse to express his deep regret over his outfit choice. He thought the press wouldn’t be able to see them because it was dark and he now wishes he wore his special limited edition outfit instead!

Ah… I didn’t think we would be photographed at the airport so I just wore the first thing that I saw.. I thought you wouldn’t be able to see because it was dark

Ah I recently bought new clothes too ah

ah it was limited edition and I made up my mind and bought itㅠㅠ Ah I was debating if I should wear it today or not but ah

— Jin


Despite his hilarious confession, ARMYs had no issue with his outfit! They reassured him that whatever he wears is limited edition to them!


Now fans have a new “limited edition” outfit to look forward to from Jin!