BTS’s Jin Sends A Heartwarming Message To J-Hope While They Are Both Serving In The Military

“I’m spending my military life looking at you…”

One of the most iconic friendships in BTS is the team of Jin and J-Hope, nicknamed 2seok.

Since debuting, the two idols have always treated ARMYs to the funniest and most heartwarming interactions, and it hasn’t stopped even though both idols are now serving their military enlistment.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

Even before J-Hope’s enlistment, Jin made jokes about the military with his members.

Of course, it was all showcasing the sibling energy the members have. Jin proved how much he loves his members after using his time off to send off J-Hope when it came time for the next member of BTS to enlist.

Jin used his holiday to send J-Hope off for his enlistment | @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

Well, it seems like Jin continues to care about J-Hope and wants to share his love and concern for the member.

ARMYs love to send messages to the members on Weverse, and although J-Hope can’t read them right now, many hope he will be able to see them once his training is over. One ARMY gained attention after their heartwarming message to the idol, sending him well wishes.

An ARMYs message to J-Hope | BTS/Weverse

While it wasn’t surprising that J-Hope didn’t reply, as he is not allowed to use his phone during training, netizens were shocked that the post got a reply from none other than BTS’s Jin!

In the reply, Jin sent a heartwarming and emotional letter to his member rather than speaking to the fan. As the only other member who has had the enlisting experience, the group’s oldest member shared his thoughts and unsurprisingly wanted to know that J-Hope was doing well.

Jin’s reply to the message | BTS/Weverse

Jwe-hope, how is it there?

Are you getting <soaked> in the rain?

Are you using the px (store)?

Have you not gained weight?

Have you not been able to call?

Because you have been reading the room.

Have you received the letters that I have sent well.

Are you hurt anywhere?

Have you shaved your friends’ hair?

Is the food that is served there good?

There’s a long time to go until you get a vacation

I’m spending my military life looking at you.

Make sure you do it to the next friend as well, it becomes a great help to military life.

When the post was shared, the phrase “2seok” immediately started trending online as ARMYs couldn’t get enough of the letter, sharing that even though Jin only gets a limited time on his phone, he used it to send a message to J-Hope.

While it might be a while before J-Hope gets to see the post from Jin, it shows that the members are always thinking about each other. Hopefully, when J-Hope has his first vacation, the two can get together, as it’s clear Jin is missing his younger member.

Source: BTS/Weverse


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