BTS’s Jin In This New Hairstyle Is Taking Over The Internet… Again

We purple the purple Jin.

BTS successfully completed their first day of their concert in London on June 1, 2019. ARMYs loved each and every second they spent with the members at the Wembley Stadium – but their favorite must have been when they saw Jin in purple hair!


Jin pulled off this brand new hairstyle like a complete rockstar. With this purple haired look, fans are now nicknaming him Grape Jelly Jin, Tinky-Winky Jin, and everything else purple they can think of – but he is, nonetheless, still the one and only Worldwide Handsome.


Jin, in his funky fresh new purple do, left his fans and the internet speechless. ARMYs are pointing out that, by this point, there is no use in discussing what hair color best suits Jin because he can pull off all the colors in the world!


The new Purple Jin is quickly becoming a favorite for a lot of ARMYs though. The colorful hair actually helps focus all the attention on Jin’s face – which is, obviously, always pleasant to gaze at for hours.


Jin and the rest of BTS had the time of their lives in London. The sold-out show had over 60,000 ARMYs gathered together to see BTS live. Purple haired Jin endlessly shared his affection for his most passionate fans, by blowing kisses and sending love through the air!