BTS’s Jin Buys New $1.7 Million Luxury Apartment All In Cash

No loans needed for the Kings!

BTS‘s Jin reportedly purchased a brand new apartment located in the same building as the group’s dorm in Korea.

His new apartment is located in Hannam The Hill, one of the most expensive apartment villas in Seoul. He purchased the apartment under his name, back in March. His new abode is said to cost around 2 billion won (~$1.78 million USD). Local realtors revealed that Jin didn’t take out a loan for his new purchase, but paid for the apartment up front in cash.

Although he purchased his own apartment in the same building, he’s continuing to live in the group dorm. BTS moved to the villa’s large luxury suit, earlier this year. BigHit Entertainment had leased the dorm on a deposit basis for the members, and their lease is set to expire at the end of November 2019. Their dorm has a market price of 6 billion won (~$5.4 million USD).

“BTS has gotten more successful ever since moving to their new dorm.

Jin bought a smaller apartment in the same building not just because of its investment potential, but also because he feels that the apartment provides safety and privacy.”

— Local Realtor

The realtor also revealed that although BTS is famous in Korea as top global stars, their neighbors have repeatedly praised the members as humble and courteous. They’re well known to always greet their neighbors with a smile and a friendly chat.

Hannam The Hill offers the most luxurious style of living to its residences. Only the most famous celebrities, top politicians, businessmen and more are known to live in the villa. The amenities offered include a fitness center, swimming pool, screen golf zone, sauna, event hall, club house, and more.

Source: Skye Daily