Will BTS’s Jin Get A New Pet? Here’s What He Would Like To Adopt Next

We weren’t expecting his choice!

We all know BTS‘s Jin is an animal-lover. He truly shows love and cares for every creature.

BTS’s Jin with V’s dog Yeontan. | meganshinsou-tm/Tumblr

While other members have pets right now, unfortunately, Jin doesn’t have one. He did, however, have some in the past. He previously had an adorable white Maltese dog named Jjangu.

Jjangu| @BTS_twt/Twitter

After that, he had three sugar gliders: OdengEomuk, and Gukmul, who were all loved by ARMY.

Jin with sugar glider. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jin even released a self-written song, “Tonight,” during BTS’s 2019 Festa and dedicated it to his pets. He said, “I wrote while thinking about my pets. It’s my first produced song, I hope you liked it.” 

We have hoped that one day Jin would be able to get a new furry friend. So, in a new video, Jin was asked, “If you had a new pet, what animal would you like to raise?”

| @ssujams/Twitter

He didn’t say he wanted a puppy or kitten… He surprised fans by revealing that he would like a pet tiger named Horaengi! In Korean, “tiger“ is “ho-raeng-i.” He believes that a tiger might eat lots but, in return, would protect him!

Horaengi will be reliable and protect me well, even though I’m sure it’ll eat a lot of food.

— Jin

| @ssujams/Twitter

While certainly, not everyone could properly take care of a tiger, Jin is one of the few we would trust to! He took great care of his pet sugar gliders, which are lovable yet high-maintenance pets that owners should be extra thoughtful and conscientious of.

Jin with his sugar gliders. | Mnet

Watch the video below:

Source: @ssujams