BTS Jin’s Sweet But Savage Response To A Fan Has Us Wheezing

Are you Team Savage or Team Sweet?

If you’re hoping to charm BTS‘s Jin, well, expect the unexpected!


Jin has shot down marriage proposals and pickup lines using his trademark humor and wit, to the point where it can be hard to tell when he’s clowning ARMY or not.

Jin’s past Weverse comments. | @candiejoons/Twitter

On Weverse, on ARMY was ready to risk it all in two languages. In Korean and English, the fan wrote a humorous sketch about Jin’s effect on ARMY.

Nurse: doctor, just arrived another patient.

Doctor: it seems that she is under the effect of Kim Seokjin.

Nurser: Hw is this effect?

Doctor: When you least realize it, your heart has already been totally stolen by Kim Seokjin’s charm and charisma.

— Fan, Weverse

“Jin, you stole my heart, now assume your actions!” they wrote below the sketch. “If beauty was flower. Jin, you would be the Botanical Garden!”

The fan’s post included this gif. | Weverse  

How did Jin reply? “Nice joke :)”

| Weverse

Now, ARMYs can’t decide if Jin’s comment is supposed to be sweet or savage! Team Savage members are seeing this as yet another “Jin friendzoning ARMY” moment.

Team Sweet, however, believes Jin’s comment was meant to be a sincere compliment.

Which team are you on?


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