BTS Jin’s Latest Live Stream Is Breaking ARMYs’ Hearts

ARMYs are expressing their love and support as he goes through a difficult time.

Jin, one of BTS‘s biggest mood makers, is rarely seen without a smile. Recently though, he struggled to hold back tears during a live stream.


On March 19, Jin chatted with ARMY while holding an impromptu “Eat Jin” session.


Throughout the broadcast, Jin tried to be his cheerful, upbeat self…


…but fans could see he was struggling.


Toward the end of the live, Jin revealed that Odeng, his beloved sugar glider, has passed away.


While talking about Odeng, Jin struggled to speak and was on the verge of crying.


It’s clear that Odeng was loved deeply…


…and will be greatly missed.


Ever since Jin went live, ARMY has been sending him love and support through the trending hashtag “#WeLoveYouJin.


Fans who have expressed their condolences want Jin to know that they are here for him as he goes through his grief.


Rest in peace, Odeng.