BTS Jin’s Older Brother Posts Message Online To Clarify Jin’s Statement From “You Quiz On The Block”

Sibling energy at it again.

Recently, BTS made a guest appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block and shared various stories about their music, life, and the future.

During the interview session with the two oldest members, Jin and Suga, Jin revealed that his older brother was the person he disliked the most.

Up until high school, my brother was the person that I disliked the most. He would always be mean to me, but now he’s like ‘Aigoo~Seokjin-nim! Thanks to you Seokjin-nim~’

— Jin

But after the show, his older brother Kim Seokjung, took to Instagram to clarify a few things.

Hello this is (former) the most hated person (current) begging man. I am posting this because there are some clarifications that need to be made. I am not that weak to beg like that. Don’t bother your younger siblings with force just because you were born first in that short period of time. The order of birth is not to be trusted so always be nice in advance.

⁠— Kim Seok Jung

He also shared a KakaoTalk message between him and Jin.

| @kimseokjung90/Instagram

Kim Seokjung: But really, this is a bit unfair. When did I ever put my hands together and say ‘Seokjin-nim Seokjin-nim’. I was in a lower and more graceful position while saying ‘Seokjin hyung-nim’. That’s too much.

Jin: True true. I toned down the story a bit because it was going to be broadcast.

Kim Seokjung: Aigoo is that right hahaha


Although they may have had their fair share of arguments growing up, it’s nice to see them able to joke about it now!

Source: theqoo