BTS’s Jin Plays Piano For Fans

ARMY is asked to “please enjoy” the livestream performance

In YouTube livestream held earlier today, BTS‘s Jin sat down in front of the camera and held an impromptu concert for ARMY around the world. The 40-minute video featured the singer playing several songs as well as holding small conversations about his piano playing, sharing that he first began playing as a hobby.

Before beginning to play, Jin shared he was very nervous to show off his playing so soon after starting to learn but felt encouraged by his playing and thought that this was a good time to share his new skill with ARMY.

The video showed Jin in comfortable clothes playing along to sheet music, even changing the tone of the keyboard as he went, and played calmly the entire time despite his nerves.

In between songs he would chat candidly about working on their upcoming album, saying just how self-produced it was going to be by sharing that Jimin is taking responsibility for the music while V will be in charge of the visual aspect. Additionally, Jin mentioned that Suga was to try a hand at designing the album and that he would consider joining him.

Jin ended the video saying that even though he had been practicing hard since he first started learning, he felt it still wasn’t enough. However, he didn’t fail to mention his thanks to ARMY for all their support and encouragement of his playing during the livestream.

Missed Jin’s beautiful playing in real time? Watch the recorded livestream below:

Source: Dispatch News