BTS’s Jin Becomes The Most Popular Headline Even With A Simple Selfie Of His Bloated Face

But no one’s really surprised about it.

BTS‘s Jin makes headlines for a variety of reasons – his talent, his dad jokes, his undeniable visuals, and the list goes on. But he’s now made headlines with one of the simplest reasons of all…

Earlier today, Jin updated BTS’s Twitter with a simple TMI for his fans. He uploaded a selfie of himself, sans makeup and styling, revealing that his face got bloated because he slept after eating jokbal (steamed pork feet).

He captioned, “I slept after eating jokbal hehe“.

And he instantly became the most popular headline on Nate News! The article’s title read, “BTS Jin, Looks Handsome Even After Getting Bloated From Eating Jokbal…’Handsome Visual Even After Sleeping’“.

The comments under the article were nothing but netizens being completely mind blown over his visuals. Not even on his prime visual days, Jin leaves the world breathless with his worldwide handsomeness!

“What’s surprising is that he’s not wearing makeup. BTS Jin, the standard of handsomeness”

“He’s always good looking no matter what”

“Mr. Reporter, this is the type of news I want to see”

“He doesn’t have makeup on but he’s so stunning. Look at his skin. It’s perfect.”

“They say your visuals start deteriorating after your mid-20s, but why is his visuals getting younger and younger..?? And this is a selfie after getting bloated? It’s not fairㅠㅜ”

“This is him bloated?!!!!”

— Netizens

What can you say? It’s all in the everyday life for Mr. Worldwide Handsome!

Source: Osen


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