BTS Jin’s Post-Vacation Visuals Have Accomplished Something Everyone Thought Was Impossible

Worldwide handsome does it again!

BTS was spotted for the first time since their well-deserved long break had officially ended.


Jin also arrived at the airport – although a tad bit late – to which he proved that his visuals know no bounds!


Netizens and fans alike were mesmerized by the worldwide handsome visuals as many claimed that he’s gotten better looking since resting over their holiday!


Jin’s visuals have known nothing but being handsome since he was born. Everyone believed him to be the epitome of handsomeness but no one knew that he can get even more handsome!

  • “Wow he’s really good looking”
  • “It looks like BTS’s Jin gained a bit of weight. He looks even better I hope you have a safe trip~^^”
  • “His visuals got better after their vacation”
  • “Wth how does he look even better than actors….”
  • “Look at BTS Jin’s visual class even without makeup. He’s a national treasure”
  • “He shines even without getting dress up”
  • “BTS’s Jin is the best artist♡ Even his visuals are the best in the world♡”


Jin continues to create legend after legend with his famous visuals!

Source: Newsen