BTS’s Jin Gave Up Cooking As A Hobby Because Of His Food Allergies

He recently talked about his food allergies.

Anyone with food allergies knows how difficult life can be when your diet is limited, especially those who love to cook.

Cooking used to be one of BTS Jin‘s favorite hobbies. He often prepared meals for his members and even livestreamed his own mukbang show, Eat Jin. Recently, Jin revealed that he has given up his cooking hobby because of allergies.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Many fans are aware of one of Jin’s allergens: garlic. In 2019, he posted about his allergy test results on the Weverse app.

| Weverse

I got tested for allergies because I was itching everywhere on my body. The doctor shared a shocking diagnosis, telling me to cut down on garlic. What menu could I possibly eat that doesn’t include garlic…?

— Jin

Some fans, however, might not know that Jin is also allergic to potatoes. He was unable to eat a potato dish during Episode 125 of Run BTS!.

In a behind the scenes video, Jin explained that he gave up his cooking hobby because of his food allergies. He is less allergic to garlic than he is to potatoes and is still able to eat some dishes with garlic in them, like kimchi.

It’s unfortunate that Jin had to give up his hobby, but as always, his health and safety come first!