BTS’s Jin Proved How Genuine He Was When He Checked Up On His Injured Friend

Even though Jin was at the Grammys, he still had time to check on his friend.

Everyone’s been talking about BTS at the Grammys, and rightfully so. Even though it was such a huge event for BTS and they must have been feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed, Jin still had time to check on his friends.

Rapper Sleepy uploaded a picture to his Instagram of a conversation he had with his friend Jin. This conversation took place while Jin was at the Grammys.

Sleepy had been hospitalized because he was due to receive ankle surgery. Jin sent Sleepy two crying emotes with a message that said:

“Be careful with your body, hyung.”

Sleepy was touched by the concern of his friend. He captioned his post with:

“He went to the Grammys, and he’s concerned about me. #mylittlebrother”

Jin has been friends with Sleepy since they appeared together on Law of the Jungle over a year ago. The fact that Jin had time to check up on his friend despite the buzz around BTS’s Grammy appearance shows how much of a genuine and caring person he is.