BTS’s Jin Responds Once Again To Military Exemption Concerns

He is leaving it up to the company.

BTS, who is currently holding their BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE-LAS VEGAS concert, held a press conference before their concert on April 9. During the conference, Jin was asked a question regarding receiving special military treatment.

Last November, the National Assembly deliberated on a bill to amend the Military Service Act to allow pop culture artists who contributed to the promotion of national prestige, like BTS, to replace military service as art and sports personnel. However the bill has temporarily been suspended. 

In regards to this question, Jin responded, “I talked a lot with the company about the military service issue. I talked about leaving it up to the company as much as possible. The company’s decision is as good as my decision”.

Previously, HYBE stated, “Our artists are entrusting the company with issues related to military service. They have repeatedly emphasized that they will respond to the call of the country. The company is monitoring the matter very carefully. We will do our best to come to a useful decision. It is true that uncertainty causes difficulties, so we hope that a conclusion will be reached as soon as possible”.

On the other hand, BTS will continue their concert in Las Vegas at the Allegiant Stadium and meet with global fans. They have also prepared various events that can be enjoyed throughout the city. 

Source: imbc