BTS’s Jin Reveals He Actually Tried To Recommend Another Member For The Samsung Galaxy Commercial

He shared this behind-the-scenes story on Weverse.

In a fancy promotion of their Galaxy Note 20, Samsung dropped a commercial clip  featuring the oldest and the youngest members of BTS.

BTS’s Jin, the oldest member. | @samsungmobile/Twitter

While the well-choreographed commercial had ARMYs swooning

… Jin revealed, in a comment on Weverse, that he actually tried to recommend another member to take his place in the promo!

Under a starstruck ARMY’s praise about the impeccable visuals in the commercial…

| Weverse

#SamsungGalaxyCommercialTheSecond featuring Jin and Jungkook! They turned this commercial into a movie…!


… Jin wrote that he only became aware of the fact that he and Jungkook would be dancing once they arrived on set to shoot the clip. Jin shared that after seeing the moves, he recommended J-Hope, BTS’s “main dancer”.

J-Hope | @samsungmobile/Twitter

According to Jin, the producers turned down Jin’s recommendation and pushed for him to be in the clip as planned.

| Weverse

This is the day we went to shoot the commercial — and out of the blue they showed us the dance and asked us to try. So I was like, “Um… This might be best for J-Hope” but then got turned down.

— Jin

And thanks to that, ARMYs got to see the gorgeous “Jinkook” jive!

Watch “GalaxyxBTS: The Strange Tailor Shop” below.

Source: THEQOO