BTS’s Jin Reveals He Would Have Stepped Up As The Oldest If The Members Weren’t All That

Jin plays an important role in creating a good atmosphere for the group.

Recently, on the KBS talk show Let’s BTS, BTS answered various questions about music, goals, and the future.

Fans of BTS know that Jin, although the oldest member, is not the leader of the group. Host Shin Dong Yeop asked, “Since you’re the oldest, you could have held a grip on the members. How did you come to create the atmosphere now?

Jin revealed that he would have but couldn’t because the members were all so talented and good people.

The members are all talented and good people and I couldn’t find anything that I was better at than them. Honestly, I could have held a grip on them if they weren’t all that, but I couldn’t.

— Jin

After hearing his answer, V couldn’t help but think that this was a compliment to the rest of the members.

This kind of sounds like a compliment meant for everyone?

— V

The back story of why this question came about was from J-Hope’s comment about what kind of person Jin was.

We don’t need words to describe our Jin hyung. He is amazing just as he is. His handsome face, wide shoulders, beautiful voice….and his age. The last one was a joke but he is the oldest out of us all. Because he is the oldest, we thought that he would think the order of age was important, but he was actually the opposite of that. He is the one that creates the atmosphere for our group. If you think about it, there was a role he had as the oldest, and he was able to play that role of being a pillar while creating a soft atmosphere.

— J-Hope

Netizens couldn’t agree more about Jin!

  • “After listening to what they say, you can see that he has a big heart. It’s cool to see that he can keep a bright atmosphere without having to bring anyone down. I want to be like him.”
  • “Seokjin is truly the best!”
  • “If Jin was the type to use his age to get a grip on the members, they wouldn’t be here today.”
  • “I first got sucked in because of Jin’s visuals and now he has become my role model.”
Source: theqoo


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