BTS Jin Reveals That He Is Working On His Own Original Song

It will be his first original song done exclusively by him.

During a recent BTS fansign, Jin reveals that he is working on his own original song!

RM is the first to mention it, telling the crowd,

From what I know, Jin is actually working on his own song now.

Jimin then says to Jin,

The song can come out faster this way!

Jin starts laughing and RM and Suga couldn’t help but tease him

RM: It’s true?
Suga: Oh, his ears are red!

Jin confirms that he is, in fact, working in his own original song. He then leaves a message to the fans who must be looking forward to his first solo song.

I will work hard so that my original song can come out father than a covers song.

Does this mean we are getting a cover song as well as an original song? Looks like you’ll have to wait and see!