Here’s 10 Fan Tweet Reactions About BTS Jin’s Photo For Samsung And Honestly It’s Ending Us All

Visual king.

On September 7, Samsung had BTS fans shaking as they released individual photos of the members with the new Galaxy Note 20. While all looked stunningly beautiful, member Jin had fans’ gasping for air with his truly worldwide handsome visuals. Looking at the photo released below, you can see Jin is total model status with his forehead exposed while rocking a classic checkered suit.

This photo gained a lot of attention online with fans ooh-ing and ah-ing at his flawless visuals. It seems like Jin has succeeded in getting people to switch over to Samgsung and honestly, who wouldn’t?

1. Are we okay?

2. Samsung for life

This fan swears she will only use Samsung for the rest of her life. Yes, that’s how powerful Jin is. “I will use Samsung for the rest of my life. Samsung is the best. Samsung I love you. Seokjin oppa I love you.”

3. iPhone < Samsung

4. The Samsung movement is real

5. Jin=Swag

6. Jin’s forehead has officially ended the fandom

7. Big Hit better prepare for a lot of law suits

8. Bless Samsung for these visuals

9. Forehead+Suit= Worldwide handsome Jin

10. Honestly, same

Jin’s visual attacks come as no surprise because he’s been ending fans since the beginning. Stay tuned for more Jin visuals!