BTS’s Jin Reportedly Rescues Brazilian Fan From Robbery — His Method How Is Making International News

“BTS will always rescue ARMYs.”

BTS‘s Jin reportedly saved a 21-year-old fan in Brazil from a robbery.

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On July 19, Brazilian media outlet Portal R7 reported astonishing news. Through an Instagram post, the media outlet reports BTS’s Jin saved a 21-year-old fan in Brazil from a robbery.

According to the post, the fan was waiting at a bus stop while carrying her phone, which had a photo of BTS’s Jin in his military uniform, when a criminal tried to rob her.

A 21-year-old Paranaque girl escaped a robbery by carrying a photo of singer Jin from the South Korean group BTS on her cellphone. In the image, the artist is wearing an army uniform, as he is serving military service in South Korea. Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis said she was at a bus stop in São José dos Pinhais, in the Curitiba Metropolitan Region, when she was approached by the criminal.

— Portal R7

The fan claims in the report that when the criminal saw Jin’s photo on her phone, they got cold feet. The fan guesses it may be because the criminal must have thought the fan’s boyfriend was in the military.

Natali said, When he managed to grab the cell phone from my hand, he turned the device around and looked at the picture. He must have thought my boyfriend was in the military, because he didn’t steal it. The student said that the assailant returned the phone and ran out.

— Portal R7

News of Jin’s “heroic” deed has since gone viral in Korea, where many reacted to the news with amusement.

  • “Jin saved the day.”
  • “Oh, LOL.”
  • “LOL, I’m going to put a picture of a soldier on my phone’s background when I go overseas.”
  • “That’s hilarious. It’s a total life hack, LOL.”
  • “LOL, amazing.”
  • “I mean, it was so dangerous but her method of escaping is so hilarious, ㅠㅠ. Since she’s fine now, I guess we can laugh, LOL.”
  • “Wow, what a relief. This actually works? LOL, it’s a life hack.”
  • “Crazy, LOL.”
  • “BTS will always rescue ARMYs.”
  • “Oh, his picture alone can save a person.”

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Source: @portalr7/Instagram


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