BTS’ Jin Sends J-Hope An Unforgettable Birthday Message

Now we wait for December for payback…

BTSJ-Hope received a special birthday tweet from Jin and Jimin made the special day unforgettable!


Jin wrote a memorable message for his groupmate J-Hope, along with a candid photo of J-Hope wearing glasses and a fur hat.

“To our beloved Hobbi- Happy birthday. I waited an entire year to post this.” Jin


3 minutes later, Jimin joined in on the fun with his own tweet!

“This is too hilarious – I have to respond. Please protect Hobbi hyung.  I have a lot of pictures of [Jin] with oily hair. Looking forward to December! Hahaha.” — Jimin


Not only is Jimin looking forward to December, all of A.R.M.Y around the world are waiting for it too!