BTS’s Jin Is The Proudest When He’s Taking A Shower, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

He isn’t “Worldwide Handsome” for nothing!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are truly the top visuals in the industry, one idol is always at the top of the list, and it’s BTS‘s Jin. In particular, his visuals are so superior that he’s earned the nickname “Worldwide Handsome.”

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Yet, it is one thing to have that nickname and another to prove it. Luckily, Jin manages to send the internet into meltdown every time he posts a selfie or appears on the stage because he is just that damn handsome in everything he does.

| Naver x Dispatch

In a recent video, the members all sat down separately and answered questions on everything from their names, life mottos, and digging deep into the newest songs from their album PROOF.

In particular, one of the questions asked to BTS’s oldest member Jin was, “When are you most proud of yourself?” And surprisingly, he explained that it was the moment when he gets out of the shower for the first time.

Although it seemed an odd choice, ARMYs couldn’t fault Jin’s reasoning as he truly cements his title as “Worldwide Handsome,” even when he’s in the shower.

When I just get out of the shower and smooth back my wet hair, I wonder what to do with all this handsomeness.

— Jin

Of course, when someone is so handsome, it isn’t surprising that Jin wanted to document it. He even went so far as to say that he looked so good that he wanted to take a selfie when he got out of having a shower.

In fact, Jin even spilled that he had actually taken a selfie in the past (and ARMYs definitely wouldn’t mind having a look at it). But he then revealed that it wasn’t something he would do again… because it wasn’t in his personality.

I’ve actually done it once, but it looked really obnoxious when I checked it later. But I did look good in the moment.

— Jin

As expected, when the clip was released, ARMYs couldn’t get over Jin’s answer…

Some even found an old live broadcast where RM revealed that Jin told him that he’d nearly had a heart attack when he got out of the shower… because he was so handsome.

Even though Jin denied it at the time, adding, “How could you say that on camera?” it might not be as untrue as he made out.

As always, Jin doesn’t mind letting the world know that he’s handsome AF. Yet, despite his visuals and calling himself “Worldwide Handsome,” it doesn’t mean that Jin isn’t humble as the group’s oldest member will always be the sweetest and most modest person ever.

You can watch the whole video below.