BTS’s Jin Stopped Breathing All For One ARMY’s Post

Only Jin would ever respond like this.

BTS‘s Jin once again stole the ARMYs hearts all over the world when he landed back in Seoul dressed in the simplest outfit but the a worldwide handsome visual!


One fan greeted Jin back to Korea with such vigor and love, “Oppa, welcome back. Please revive my heart😭 sob…


And how does this quirky-king reply? He decided to hold his breath just for the one fan!

I’m going to hold my breath until your heart is revived [inhaling sound]

— Jin


The fan quickly responded that they were completely fine and that Jin should breathe again! And fans all around the world had a good laugh at Jin’s response, yet were also touched by how far he’d go for his fans.

Yes I’m f-fine I’m really fine. I’m alive again thanks to you, oppa. Hurry up and breathe again!

— BTS Fan


What won’t this visual King do when it comes to his ARMYs?!