BTS’s Jin, Suga, And Jungkook Struggling To Know What To Talk About On Livestream Gives Such Introvert Energy

This clip is going semi-viral right now 😂

The MBTI types of BTS‘s members have changed somewhat over the years, though one thing hasn’t changed: JinSuga, and Jungkook have remained introverts the entire time.

Jin, Jungkook, & Suga (BTS)

According to their current MBTI results, Jin and Jungkook are both INTP, while Suga is ISTP!

Suga, Jin, & Jungkook (BTS) | BigHit Music

And recently, a past clip of the three of them during a livestream has resurfaced on Twitter because of how relatable and introverted they are in it.

Suga, Jin, & Jungkook (BTS)

Taken from a livestream back in March 2020, the clip doesn’t show what was happening beforehand, but after a brief silence, the three of them say “yes” in order while looking to the side.

Screenshot from the livestream

It’s hard to describe how funny it is with words, so check out the clip below!

Even though it’s not a new clip, fans are still getting a kick out of it on social media!

How relatable do you find these three? 😂