BTS’s Jin Reacts To His Webtoon Look-Alike, “True Beauty’s” Suho 

The resemblance is uncanny.

BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin looks like he stepped out of a webtoon, but fans are comparing him to one particular character: Suho from True Beauty. 


True Beauty is about Jugyeong, an “ugly” girl who uses makeup to transform her appearance and her life. For much of the webtoon and its K-Drama adaptation, few characters know that bare-faced Jugyeong and “goddess” Jugyeong are the same person. Suho is one of them.

Suho | True Beauty/Webtoon

Suho’s character design is rumored to be based on Jin, and the resemblance is too striking to ignore. In fact, fans had hoped Jin would make his acting debut as Suho. (Suho is played by ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo.)

How does Jin feel about his “twin”? On Weverse, a fan shared posted a photo of Jin with Suho and gushed about how Jin’s out-of-this-world beauty makes him look like an animated character.

| Weverse 

In reply, Jin wrote, “Oh, the illustration and real person are both handsome, as expected.”

Later, J-Hope also commented on the post. He wrote, “A picture-like person.” 

Can you see the resemblance?

| Weverse