Here’s The Song BTS’s Jin Considers To Be His Turning Point As A Musician

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BTS‘s Jin just revealed which song he thinks was his turning point as a musician!

BTS’s Jin | GQ KOREA/YouTube

In an interview with GQ, Jin revealed that he used to be hesitant about writing on songs intended for BTS as a group. He said, “I hadn’t dared to try anything with our group songs. There were so many outstanding, talented people working on our music that it didn’t even cross my mind to get involved.” 

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Although Jin was hesitant to participate in writing group songs often, he wrote parts of “Outro: Circle Room Cypher,” “Outro: Love Is Not Over,” and “Boyz with Fun.”

Jin’s turning point as a musician came when he wrote his solo song from the Wings album, “Awake.” He told GQ, “My first solo track ‘Awake’ was the first time I felt the desire to attempt something new as a musician. My label gave me the chance to try my hand at writing music.”

Jin also said he was inspired to write his solo track by watching the other members create their own music. He said, “When the opportunity came to work on my solo track, I thought I would give it a go too. As I watched more and more members from our group work on their own music, I thought I should at least try.”

Jin’s desire to try something new by writing his own solo track definitely paid off, and “Awake” is a beautiful song!

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Since “Awake,” Jin has blessed ARMYs with a variety of great songs, like “Tonight,” “Moon,” “Stay,” “Abyss,” and “Super Tuna!”


We’re so thankful that Jin took a chance by working on “Awake,” and we can’t wait to see what this great songwriter does next!

Source: GQ