BTS’s Jin And V Made “Extra” Special Chuseok Wishes This Year

BTS’s wishes took an unexpected turn during their Chuseok greeting.

Happy Chuseok! It’s time to celebrate autumn and ring in a plentiful harvest, Bangtan-style.

On September 29, BTS dressed up in traditional Korean outfits to send ARMY a Chuseok greeting. With a moon-like ball in hand, went from member to member collecting wishes.

J-Hope prayed for the health and happiness of people everywhere as well as the chance to see ARMY again soon. Jimin prayed for the wellbeing of BTS, and RM wished for health and peace for all the members’ family and friends.

V tried to cut ahead in the wish line, but Jungkook wasn’t having it. He tossed V aside, then wished for the members’ wishes to come true.

By the time V and Jin got their turns, everything that could be wished for had been wished for…or not?

Jin prayed for the happiness of all living organisms — except for pests. Mosquitos, wasps, and other jerks of the insect world were getting no love from him!

Who did V wish happiness for? Since Earth was covered, he reached for the stars!

In the end, Suga brought this wildin’ wish train back on track by praying for an end to COVID-19 and a BTS tour after the pandemic is over.

Watch the video here: