BTS’s Jin Goes Viral On Weibo, And It’s For The Most Wholesome Reason Ever

It’s hard not to love him!

Everyone who knows BTS‘s Jin knows that he’s the most adorable man alive, and now, a certain clip of him has Chinese netizens falling hard for him!

Jin | BigHit Music

Jin recently celebrated his birthday on December 4, and celebrated with ARMYs via a live broadcast!

| V Live

During the live broadcast, the staff adorably gave Jin a cake with a blooming candle (a candle shaped like a flower where each individual petal opens after being lit), and Jin was super surprised at the gesture! He was even more delighted after lighting the candle, and his joyful reaction was super cute!

As soon as the candle was lit, it began playing the “Happy Birthday” song, and Jin’s overjoyed reaction soon turned to confusion because the song just kept going! He had no idea how to turn it off, and eventually, a staff member took it away from him so he could continue the live broadcast peacefully!

After his broadcast, a fan took to Reddit to share how Jin’s hilarious and adorable reaction to the candle has gone viral on Weibo with over 100 million views, with the hashtag, “when a Korean man encounters a blooming birthday candle for the first time”.

Many Chinese netizens found his reaction to the candle super relatable, with some even claiming that this candle and its never-ending birthday tune “haunted” their childhood!

Jin is so endearing, it’s hard not to fall for him!

Source: Reddit