BTS Couldn’t Stop Admiring Jin’s Visuals During The Latest “Run BTS!” And Honestly, Same

“Worldwide Handsome” strikes again!

BTS‘s Jin is loved by fans worldwide for many things. Whether it is his talent, charisma, charm, and of course, his dazzling visuals, ARMY cannot get enough of the group’s oldest member. Yet, it seems like even the BTS members can’t hide their admiration for Jin’s good looks!

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/Twitter

During the latest Run BTS!, the members took a trip down memory lane with the theme of Run BTS Gayo. During the episode, the members were given several music-related quizzes testing their music knowledge and learning more about ARMYs preferences.


In the second round, the group had to guess what BTS song one of the members was drawing. The first members up were Jungkook and Suga, and the rest of the group seemed to enjoy making guesses and having a quick dance to each song.

Yet, when it was Jin’s turn, the attention of the producers and members didn’t seem to be on the quiz. Instead, they seemed to be rightly focused on Jin’s visuals.


If the captions weren’t enough, the members knew that they needed to vocalize out loud just how handsome Jin looked. In particular, J-Hope and Jimin couldn’t hide their compliments to their oldest member continues to shine.


Even in a simple grey hoody, there is no denying that Jin’s visuals are dazzling! Yet, that is true with all the members. BTS is blessed to have seven visuals who all shine as much as each other!

Source: VLIVE