BTS Jin’s Visuals Were So On Point At The 2021 Fact Music Awards That Even The Cameraman Was Shook

“Worldwide Handsome” strikes again!

On October 2, fans were treated to all their favorite idols during this year’s 2021 Fact Music Awards (also known as the TMAs). In particular, one group that caught the attention of fans worldwide was, of course, BTS. From whether Jungkook has a lip piercing to their flawless live vocals, BTS shone!

BTS at the TMAs | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Although all of the member’s visuals seemed to stand out, fans on social media have been speaking about one member in particular, and that is Jin!

BTS’s Jin at the TMAs 2021

During the awards ceremony, Jin gained attention for his flawless visuals and vocals, which fans and critics love! In particular, fans thought he looked straight out of Hollywood in his suit and even noted that this could definitely be “Actor Jin.” Especially as the opening fairy for “Butter,” fans couldn’t get enough.

| THE FACT/ YouTube       

Yet, it seems like ARMYs worldwide weren’t the only people captured by Jin’s visuals. While fans were watching the event’s live stream during the ceremony, they noticed something and, more specifically, someone who also seemed to be in love with Jin’s visuals.

While the cameraman was panning over the different members, it seemed like Jin’s handsomeness was too much. As they reached BTS’s oldest member, fans noticed that they seemed to do a double-take as they moved the camera back onto Jin.

| THE FACT/ YouTube

Fans couldn’t get over the fact that they thought the cameraman was so shook by Jin’s visuals that they had to go back just to let the world see him again! However, after the event, ARMYs pointed out that it isn’t the first time a cameraman has been shocked by Jin’s good looks that the camera just becomes obsessed with him.

During the GRAMMYs, the cameraman seemed mesmerized by Jin that they had to do a serious zoom in to capture him.

| GRAMMY / YouTube

Even at the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs), the cameramen seemed to find the need to zoom in on Jin, not that ARMYs were complaining.

| Mnet/ YouTube

As always, it seems like Jin’s visuals are addictive, and nobody is immune to his handsomeness! You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: Yoonjns