BTS’s Jin Spills On The Reason For His Popularity In The Military

He was truly a ‘god’!

Just as he promised, BTS‘s Jin met with fans right after his discharge to keep his promise for their 10th debut anniversary. He also began various promotions right away, proving his worldwide influence and power.

On July 10, Weverse Magazine dropped an interview with BTS’s Jin.


In the interview, he also spoke about his time in the military and how he got along with the soldiers.

| Weverse Magazine

“Q: Looks like you received much love. That also means that you treated all the seniors and juniors well.

Jin: Because the person himself is pretty (laughs).”


He also revealed the reason for his popularity among his military colleagues.

| Weverse Magazine

“Q: What is your secret to your popularity?

Jin: I spent way more than my military salary to buy food for others (laughs). Those kids have just turned twenty or are starting to prepare for the real world. Compared to them, I have more financial freedom and feel they should be able to eat delicious food and be healthy, so I bought them food.”


He took care of everyone so well that he was known as a ‘God’ by fellow soldiers.

“I bought them so much chicken, jokbal, and pizza that they can’t eat anymore, and I’ve taken kids from other units to eat at KBBQ restaurants. If some friends joked around, saying that all I did was sleep, I would ask what unit they were from and joke that I would buy them food today but shouldn’t because of what they said. Then they would respond, ‘I’m sorry!’ We’d joke around like that, but I’d still take them out to eat (laughs). It feels funny saying it myself, but I was known as the ‘God,’ and kids would say, ‘Worship him!’ (laughs).”

— Jin

Korean netizens agreed that someone that buys food is always a good person!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I really want to work at a place with someone like Jin.”
  • “I could see how close he was with his colleagues when they all cried at his discharge.”
  • “Oh!”
  • “He really is a hyung that buys food for others.”
  • “He is such a cool hyung.”
  • “He has not only a pretty face, but also a good personality.”
  • “He really is making more fans while in the military. Falling for him once again…such a beautiful soul.”
  • “Wow, but his face is so handsome.”
  • He truly is our worldwide handsome king!

He truly is our worldwide handsome king!

Source: weverse


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