BTS’s Jin Just Got Savage AF With A Fan, But It’s All A Misunderstanding…Sort Of

A hilarious mistranslation took Jin’s sassiness to the next level.

If there’s one person you don’t want to cross swords with in a battle of wits, it’s BTS‘s Jin!

This sharp-tongued “Savage King” loves to tease fans, and he doesn’t hold back, especially on Weverse. No matter what nonsense ARMY dishes out, he always has a witty response at the ready.

Hul…Oppa, are you okay?? Didn’t it hurt??!! An angel fell from heaven…

— Fan

I’m not dead yet, why are you sending me to heaven?

— Jin

Jin’s comments are sassy as-is, but the Weverse auto-translator decided to take one of them to the next level.

“I remember this saying,” a fan wrote. It’s annoying that only one man like Jeon Jungkook exists in this world, but if there were many Jeon Jungkooks in this world, it wouldn’t make sense either.”

In reply, Jin wrote, Where on earth did this saying come from?”, but Weverse auto-translated it to…


Translation fail or translation win? You decide!