BTS’s Jin Has The Wittiest Response To An ARMY Sending Him Lyrics For His Single “The Astronaut” On Weverse

Jin has talent, visuals, and the best sense of humor!

BTS‘s Jin might be extremely talented and handsome, but he’s also absolutely hilarious. Since debuting, the idol has made ARMYs worldwide laugh with his antics and quick wits. Recently, he’s done the same on Weverse after the announcement of his single “The Astronaut.”

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement when HYBE announced that Jin was the next member to release solo music. The theme of “The Astronaut” had fans so excited.

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Of course, although everyone is excited about the release, it doesn’t stop Jin from being a grade-A comedian when it comes to ARMYs.

After the announcement of Jin’s single was released, Weverse posted links and information about how to buy the single and what it would include. Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that Weverse had posted a picture of the album which showed the lyrics, and they didn’t even blur them.

The lyrics for “The Astronaut” | Weverse

On October 19, Jin went on a replying spree on Weverse, chatting all about his single and the magnificence of J-Hope on Instagram.

In particular, one ARMY shared a picture of the lyrics that were seen on Weverse, adding that they had already been released. Whether it was sarcasm or Jin was actually surprised, the idol replied, “Huh, where?”

| Weverse

The fan then replied with the word “This” and a picture for Jin’s reference. In the photo, the ARMY had written out all the lyrics on a cutely themed background.

| Weverse

As expected, from the comedian that is Jin, he had the perfect comeback for the lyrics. Not only did he thank the fan, but joked that he was going to make sure to use it for the recording… even though it’s already been done and finished.

Thank you. I’ll refer to it [the lyrics] when recording..

— Jin

| Weverse

When an ARMY shared the comments on social media, fans couldn’t get enough of Jin’s comedic side. They also thought the idol might have been taking a hilarious dig at Weverse for releasing all the lyrics before the song was released.

As expected, Jin never fails to make ARMYs worldwide laugh with his comments. With “The Astronaut” not far away, fans will look forward to the epic song and a lot more hilarious Jin content.

You can read more from Jin’s Weverse replying spree below.

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Source: Weverse


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