“Who Was It?” BTS’s Jungkook Calls Out The Person Who Spoiled The “3D” Digital Single Announcement Before His “Global Citizen Festival” Performance

It was shared hours before the idol wanted it to be released!

While K-Pop is full of spoilers, BTS‘s Jungkook shared his honest reaction to spoilers of his upcoming digital single being leaked before the announcement.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On September 23 (local time), Jungkook performed at the Global Citizen Festival.

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Ahead of the performance, people who watched Jungkook’s sound check shared some spoilers for what they could expect.

In particular, some VCRs were played on the screen, including a teaser-like video, a montage of Jungkook in a fresh new look, ending with the text “3D” on screen.

After Jungkook’s performance, it was confirmed that Jungkook would be releasing a new digital single called “3D,” and videos and images were posted on social media, officially teasing the project.

Yet, while a lot of ARMYs couldn’t get over the spoilers, it seems like Jungkook wasn’t as happy about it being shared. After his performance, Jungkook treated fans to a live broadcast.

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During the live, Jungkook honestly shared that he had planned for the video of his upcoming project to be released after his performance as a special treat to ARMYs, especially those who couldn’t attend.

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While that was what happened, Jungkook shared that it wasn’t completely a surprise and why he was disappointed.

But one disappointing thing was that someone posted a video of me rehearsing it the other day.

— Jungkook

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Although he was disappointed, the idol tried to stay light-hearted and humorous as he adorably joked, “Who was it?”

| BTS/Weverse  

Of course, it’s not unreasonable for Jungkook to have been slightly disappointed by the spoiler that was released, as he added, “There’s such a thing as surprises, you know!”

| BTS/Weverse  

In an age of social media, it’s not surprising that spoilers get shared, especially when it’s regarding someone as famous as Jungkook. Hopefully, it didn’t impact the announcement too much, but it might make idols even warier about protecting information.

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Source: BTS/Weverse

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