BTS Jungkook’s Track “3D” Is NSFW? — Korean Music Streaming Platforms Censor Some Of The Lyrics

Some of the lyrics definitely don’t fit the K-Pop mould!

Netizens are LOL’ing after noticing the lyrics from BTS Jungkook‘s latest song being censored on Korean music websites.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On September 29, Jungkook released his new track “3D” featuring Western artist Jack Harlow. As expected, the video was truly a masterpiece with an unexpected story.

Of course, considering it was a collaboration with another artist, it’s not surprising that some of the lyrics were ones you probably wouldn’t see in a K-Pop track.


Some eagle-eyed netizens noticed that some of the lyrics had been censored on Korean music streaming websites, which they hadn’t done on YouTube or on normal lyric sites. Those like MelOn and Genie, which are Korean sites, all had “3D” appear…

Along with the ability to stream the songs and see the information, the two sites had the lyrics for the songs.

On both websites, netizens noticed that some of the original lyrics were censored out, and they mainly seemed to be during Jack Harlow’s lyrics.

The lyrics from MelOn | MelOn

The lyrics from Genie | GenieWhile not all are known as expletives, they aren’t lyrics often heard in Korean tracks.

After noticing, one fan shared their hilarious reaction to Korean music sites’ treatment of the song, and ARMYs in the comments joked that the censoring actually made the lyrics look more explicit than they were, especially to Western fans.

Considering the unique nature of some of the lyrics, it isn’t too surprising that Korean websites are censoring them but for many Western fans, it seems mild.