Could BTS’s Jungkook Be Making His Acting Comeback? Here’s What He Had To Say

Should someone call Hollywood?

When it comes to the BTS members, it seems like there is nothing they can’t do. In particular, one thing that ARMYs would love to see the group do more of is acting. Recently, BTS’s Jungkook addressed some of ARMYs desires for him to act more.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Although Jungkook is currently quarantined in America after testing positive for COVID-19, he has been ensuring to stay in contact with ARMYs, whether through voice memos or a beautiful Instagram clip…

Or just interacting with fans in any way possible. In particular, on March 30 (PST), Jungkook surprised fans when he allowed ARMYs to ask him questions on Instagram. In particular, he wanted Netflix recommendations, which included Bridgerton (which he had already watched, along with pretty much every other show).

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Of course, when it comes to K-Dramas and show recommendations, the topic quickly came back to the BTS members and acting. Over the years, the members have showcased their talents, and Jungkook is no exception, whether it’s in music videos or highlight reels…


Or being a voice actor, Jungkook definitely has the talent!

| JK1997/ YouTube 

So, it wasn’t surprising when one ARMY message on Instagram was, “Will you not be appearing in any dramas?” Jungkook seemed to enjoy replying in hashtags, and this was no different as he explained, “#DoILookLikeIWouldBeGoodAtActing.” Of course, everyone would say yes!

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Someone else then asked, “Oppa, your acting in House of ARMY was so good, why doesn’t oppa appear [in dramas]?” They were specifically speaking of “House of ARMY,” a short skit where the members played BTS fans and it was shown during the group’s “3rd Muster” fan event.

During the sketch, Jungkook showcased his acting talent by playing the dad of Kim ARMY (played by RM).

| busanjeons/ YouTube
| busanjeons/ YouTube   

After reminiscing on the acting, Jungkook replied,”#ReallyQuestionMarkDirectorsWillYouTryUsingMe” and although it might look confusing as a hashtag, he basically said, “Really? Directors, will you try using me?”

After the posts were shared, ARMYs couldn’t stop sharing their excitement at the idea of Jungkook acting again and what seemed like him wanting to pursue it if directors will allow him.

Hopefully, it isn’t too long before ARMYs get to see Jungkook and the rest of the members flexing their acting skills again.

You can read more from the entire Instagram Q&A below.

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Source: @jungkook.97