ARMY Trends #AlwaysWithJK Hashtag To Show Love And Support

Fans are standing up for Jungkook and staying by his side.

ARMYs around the world want Jungkook to know that they’ll always be by his side, no matter what.


On September 16, BTS’s first day back from vacation, Jungkook suddenly found himself entangled in false dating rumors. This leaked CCTV photo of Jungkook and his friend, tattooist Lee Mijoo, is the source of this misunderstanding.


Both Big Hit Entertainment and Lee Mijoo released statements, shutting down rumors. Big Hit Entertainment promised to investigate and threatened to take legal action against those who spread false information.

We will be taking legal action against the leak of private information and violation of privacy after investigating whether the CCTV footage was leaked or illegally filmed. In addition, we will also take legal action against those who spread false information with no exceptions.

— Big Hit Entertainment


Fans around the world are now trending the hashtag #AlwaysWithJK to show support for the Golden Maknae, and for OT7.


Jungkook’s loyal fans want him to know that they’ll be with him to the end, no matter what the future holds.