“Freaking Annoying”: Why BTS’s Jungkook Has Suga Annoyed In The Latest “Suchwita” Episode

“Even when I’m 60, I think Jeon Jung Kook will still be freaking annoying.”

BTS‘s Suga is annoyed with Jungkook?

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Suga (right)

Recently, Jin guested on Episode 12 of Suga’s YouTube series Suchwita for 2023 FESTA, celebrating BTS’s 10th anniversary. J-Hope even made a special appearance!


While three BTS members were present at times, another member came to Suga’s mind: Jungkook. Even when J-Hope first showed up, Suga thought it was either him or Jungkook, saying he knew it had to be someone “annoying.”

Likewise, later, Suga imagined growing old with his BTS members. He jokingly commented that even when he’s 60, he believes that Jungkook will still be “freaking annoying.” 


Suga: Even when I’m 60, I think Jeon Jung Kook will still be freaking annoying.

Jin: If we’re talking for two hours like we are now, and we ask him, “Jungkook, what do you think?” Then he’d go, “What? What were you talking about?”

Suga: He’d be like, “What were you talking about” even at age 60.

Despite the constant joking about how “annoying” Jungkook is, Suga did heartwarmingly add that he hopes the maknae never changes.

Still, ARMYs wondered what Jungkook had done before filming Suchwita to trigger Suga. They also couldn’t help but imagine his reaction to watching the episode.

Some ARMYs pointed out that while BTS lived together, Jungkook often visited Suga and Jin’s shared room. So, reminiscing on dorm life with roomie Jin during the episode might have reminded Suga of these memories.


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But there’s also tons of video evidence of Jungkook acting as a true maknae toward Suga. It’s a known fact that Jungkook can get away with harassing and teasing Suga while others wouldn’t be able to.

Despite Suga calling Jungkook “annoying,” he truly has a soft spot for the maknae! Read more below.

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