How A.R.M.Ys are Literally Advertising BTS Jungkook

Only the best prime time commercial slots for Jungkook!

BTS Jungkook’s Chinese fanclub, “Baidu JJK Bar”, has prepared a large-scale New Year’s event for Jungkook.

A TV commercial made by “Baidu JJK Bar” will be shown in advertisement breaks during “MBC 2018 Gayo Daejaejeon”, one of the biggest end-of-year music festivals in Korea. And not just once either, but a total of three times.

The commercial that will be played has already been revealed to be a 15 second long compilation of various clips of Jungkook, along with the message “Jungkook Happy New Year”.

Commercials between end-of-year programs such as “MBC 2018 Gayo Daejaejeon” are considered to be prime time commercial slots, and cost millions of dollars to secure. These programs tend to get tremendously high view ratings, and because there is significantly higher exposure to the public, the cost becomes higher too.

BTS is not specifically active in China, yet they have already established a huge fanbase there. “Baidu JJK Bar” has proven just how popular BTS and Jungkook are in China with this special event.

“MBC 2018 Gayo Daejaejeon” will air on the 31st December, starting at 8:45PM KST .

Source: Dispatch