ARMYs Joke That BTS Jungkook’s Bodyguards Must Be “Tired” Of Him After His Adorable Behavior At Incheon Airport

“They’re not bodyguards they’re JK-bunnysitters 🥴🤭”

BTS‘s Jungkook has been making ARMYs smile at the airport, but is it at the expense of his bodyguards? 😂

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On September 12, Jungkook was spotted at Incheon Airport traveling back to America for another overseas schedule.

Like always, netizens couldn’t get over how interactive and cute Jungkook was as he walked through the airport, whether it was greeting the media and posing for photos…

Vlogging the fans…

Or bringing back his cute little jump.

While netizens loved how hyper and interactive Jungkook was being with fans, one fan is gaining attention after joking about how “tired” his security must be.


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In the clip, the ARMY shared hilarious moments from Jungkook at the airport and the reactions of his security to his actions, whether it was guiding the idol through the airport, having to take his things while taking photos, or stopping while Jungkook makes cute poses.

When the clip was posted, ARMYs LOL’d at the clips and loved seeing the interactions between Jungkook and his staff, comparing them to a mother and child at the store.

Even on Twitter, the clip spread and made ARMYs LOL.

Of course, it was all the memes and comments were light-hearted, and the staff and guards are probably trained to anticipate any idols’ behavior. The fact that they have to look out for Jungkook because he always wants to greet the fans is heartwarming and showcases his love for ARMYs.

Source: Newsen


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