“Perverts…” BTS’s Jungkook Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To ARMYs Wanting Him To Do A Shirtless TikTok

It’s all because of “Chapter 2…” right?

BTS‘s Jungkook had the most unexpected reaction after seeing ARMYs wanting him to do a shirtless TikTok.

BTS’s Jungkook | @Jungkook.97/Instagram

Recently, it’s not surprising that ARMYs have been thirsting over the members as Jungkook (and the rest of BTS) have been embracing “Chapter 2,” which many fans joke is all about being shirtless.

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During the broadcast, Jungkook explained, “I wasn’t wearing a shirt in the MV,” referring to his latest music video for the track “3D” with Jack Harlow. Of course, while Jungkook shared that this happened, he also joked, “Let me just wear one at home.”

ARMYs hilariously took that as an opportunity to tease Jungkook. The idol seemed to read comments from fans asking for a TikTok without a shirt, especially as the idol has been more active on social media.

When Jungkook read the comments, it seemed he confirmed it wouldn’t happen soon as he hilariously responded, “Yeah… [If I took my clothes off] it wouldn’t be TikTok. It’d be… you know, something else.” Of course, Jungkook’s TikTok videos have all been PG, only shocking fans with his insane dance skills.


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Hilariously, Jungkook didn’t just end there and couldn’t help but call out ARMYs for their comments. The idol hilariously joked, “There are lots of perverts among ARMYs, too, I see.”

It seems like Jungkook is more comfortable about having a joke with ARMYs while chatting to them live, but he still enforces boundaries when he sees comments that he wants to address.