“I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE” — BTS’s Jungkook Asks ARMYs To “Wash” Him

There was no shortage of volunteers.

BTS‘s maknae Jungkook held his fourth and final live broadcast of February 2023 via Weverse Live.

As always, Jungkook treated us to some live performances of our song requests…

Fellow members J-Hope and Jimin even made brief appearances in the comment section.

He also showcased his fun and chaotic personality.

Yet, one moment shook ARMYs to their cores.

At one point, Jungkook confessed that he didn’t want to “wash up,” meaning shower or bathe. Although relaxing, it can feel like a chore when you’re tired.

But unexpectedly, Jungkook asked if anyone wanted to help “wash” him…

I really don’t want to wash up… Does someone want to wash me?

— Jungkook

Of course, there was not a shortage of volunteers. Nearly every ARMY would happily take the offer of that position.

So, even hours after the live broadcast ended, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE,” an iconic line from The Hunger Games franchise, was trending on Twitter in reference to Jungkook’s question.

Despite the massive positive response to Jungkook’s proposal, he ended the live broadcast after a staff member arrived. So, there was no time for whatever ARMYs had in mind there!

Check out more moments from Jungkook’s live broadcast below.

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