Jungkook Reveals Why BTS Became Backup Dancers At Gayo Daechukje

It was all his idea.

If you’re a “Dynamite” era ARMY, you might have missed the beautiful insanity that was KBS‘s 2018 Song Festival (Gayo Daechukje).

For fans new and old, here’s a quick recap. MC Jin won hearts with his “extra” special hosting skills…

…BTS turned the show into their own personal concert with 14 minutes’ worth of songs…

…and the ending stage was a complete mess.

There were many memorable moments, but one of the highlights was BTS as backup dancers for Kim Yeon Ja‘s “Amor Fati”.

In a new behind the scenes video, Jungkook revealed how this came to be. “There were dancers during the rehearsal,” he said. “but they were gone, so I thought it was an opportunity…” 

“…I thought we should be the backup dancers now. We learned the dance right away.” 

Thanks to Jungkook, this moment is now part of BTS history!

Watch the video here: