Bang Si Hyuk Admits That BTS’s Jungkook Wasn’t Sure About Releasing An Album — But One Person Helped Make It A Reality

“If he was not involved…”

HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk honestly revealed that while BTS‘s Jungkook was skeptical about releasing an album, one person helped make it a reality.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Over the past few months, Jungkook has treated fans to some amazing solo songs with “SEVEN” and “3D.”

And fans couldn’t contain their excitement when it was announced that Jungkook would be releasing the album Golden.

Yet, it seems like one person was crucial in the final decision of Jungkook releasing a new album. In a new interview with Western media outlets, Bang Si Hyuk was very honest and spoke about Jungkook’s solo projects.

When talking about the upcoming album, Bang Si Hyuk admitted that if it wasn’t for Scooter Braun, it might not have happened, as he explained, “I cannot help but say that Scooter’s contribution was extremely significant.”

The HYBE founder shared Jungkook’s first thoughts when it was proposed that he should release a full album.

In fact, Jungkook was not even sure about the plan to release an album.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Yet, Bang Si Hyuk pointed out that a meal with Scooter Braun started to make things seem more like a reality, especially after hearing a song.

One day, over a meal, Scooter brought a song and really wanted Jungkook to sing the song. As soon as I heard it, I knew the song will be a great hit no matter what.

— Bang Si Hyuk

After that, the HYBE founder met with Jungkook and the idol listened to the song that they thought would be perfect for him.

In fact, at that time, Jungkook was skeptical about releasing an album, but he said he would want to release an album, actually not even an album; he would want to release a song if he could sing a song like that.

— Bang Si Hyuk

As expected from Bang Si Hyuk, he shared that he was ready to support Jungkook when he made up his mind. After that, the album all came together with help from Scooter Braun.

I was actually ready to support him when he made up his mind. So, soon after that, Scooter and I started working on the A&R. Later I also produced the song ‘3D,’ and Scooter also collected other songs to be included in Jungkook’s album after the song.

— Bang Si Hyuk

After all that, Bang Si Hyuk really wanted to emphasize the importance of Scooter Braun in making Jungkook’s album a reality.

So, actually, Scooter’s involvement was significant to the extent that if he was not involved, it would have been very difficult to release this album.

— Bang Si Hyuk

While many were skeptical about the relationship between HYBE and Scooter Braun, it seems like there have been benefits and Bang Si Hyuk wants to promote it.

Source: @97901_sue