BTS’s Jungkook Has The Cutest Reaction To The Members Being Obsessed With His Beanie

BTS love their maknae so much!

Since debuting back in 2013, the members of BTS have constantly proved that they’re more than just a group because they are a true family. Whether they’re teasing, complimenting, or reassuring each other, the bond is truly unbreakable and they continue to showcase this in whatever they do.

In particular, they always showcase their love for the youngest member Jungkook.

Recently, the group showcased this bond in a behind-the-scenes video following them while they were preparing and during the recent PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL shows.

During the video, after rehearsals, the members arrived at the venue to prepare for the show.

As soon as they saw that Jungkook was wearing a beanie, the members couldn’t help but gush over their youngest member. V particularly couldn’t stop complimenting Jungkook over his choice of hat, and even Jimin added, “It looks good.”

Jung Kook, you haven’t looked this good in a beanie in a while.

— V

Yet, it seems like Jungkook wasn’t as sure and joked that V was only saying that because he hadn’t worn a beanie in a long time.

I didn’t look this good in a beanie because I didn’t wear one for a long time.

— Jungkook

It honestly seemed like Jungkook’s hyungs couldn’t stop giving him attention as they all became obsessed with sharing their appreciation for his fashion choices.

Jin: There’s no hair on your face. You look so shiny.

Jimin: Did you buy it from that place? You bought it there?

Jungkook: Yes.

Even member J-Hope got involved in the conversation.

Like the other members, he couldn’t stop gushing over the beanie even though Jungkook didn’t seem to think anything of it. Even the editor of the video noticed how much attention the beanie was getting and Jungkook seemed to be happy with the compliments.

The fabric feels really nice. It’s so soft [Jungkook’s beanie receives the members’ attention and pats].

— J-Hope

When the video was shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over the way the members were with Jungkook. Without even any prompt, the group couldn’t stop praising how Jungkook looked wearing the beanie and his happy reaction was equally as cute.

ARMYs were also like the members because they couldn’t get over just how good Jungkook looked in the beanie… and honestly, who can blame them?

As expected, the members of BTS can’t stop sharing their love for the group’s youngest member. Jungkook might be mature and has grown up in the industry, but it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy compliments from his hyungs.

You can watch the entire video below.