BTS Jungkook Voted Best International Performer

Russian A.R.M.Y showing their love for BTS.

BTS Jungkook has been voted as the Best International Performer by Russian A.R.M.Y.

Popcake TV, a Russian website specializing in celebrity news, asked Russian fans to vote for the artist who had the biggest influence in 2018.

The results: BTS Jungkook.

Jungkook took away 25.48% of the votes, and gained the title of the Best International Performer of 2018.

Russian fans said that Jungkook left a strong impression on them with his vocals and dance in live performances, and that they are looking forward to more powerful and successful stages from him in the new year.

BTS is known for having a wide fanbase all over the world. This is just another piece of evidence that BTS is is loved by people of all ages, gender and nationality!

Source: Segye Ilbo