BTS’s Jungkook Features In American Singer Beyoncé’s “Virgo Season Yearbook”

He’s one of the Virgos that she admires!

Iconic American singer Beyoncé has just released a Virgo Season Yearbook, and she included BTS‘s Jungkook in it!


Introduced as “Jeon Jung-kook,” he starred alongside other top celebrities such as Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Hudson.


The yearbook featured baby pictures of the celebrities, and as expected, Jungkook’s picture was adorable! He wore an all-white suit with a dashing bow. The cutest part, however, was the way he clutched the stuffed toy on his lap.

Jungkook’s baby picture |

In the yearbook, Beyoncé described Virgos as hard working, creative, reliable, patient, and kind—all of which describe Jungkook perfectly. She wished Virgos a happy birthday in her parting message.


It says a lot that Jungkook was one of the few Virgo celebrities that Beyoncé decided to include in the yearbook!